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Higher stage of spirituality is not hard to reach in Islam. As Muslims we can get very close to Allah by only calling his name. Muslims are required to practice three types of prayers throughout their lives. Active prayer (Salah), spiritual prayer. Finally, the focus of my project, verbal prayer (Dhikir), which is usually practiced by reciting and repeating significant words to extol Allah. Through the years mankind created products for practicing daily Dhikir, like the traditional Mesbah that is made out of beads which became an icon for islam and other religions. As well as the plastic clicker ring that keeps the user keep count of their daily Dhikir. Even though these two products serve their purpose, the design and material used made it lose its value. My goal is to design and create a new innovative product that promotes and appreciates the value and significance of daily Dhikr. A fidget object designed to be used by people either religious or non-religious to meditate and practice their daily prayers.

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